YO PHILLY LANDLORDS! Are you in need of reliable contractors and vendors?

Manage your Real Estate Assets in Philadelphia and Beyond Like a Pro

The Answers to Your Landlording Needs

From contractors to agents, attorneys, property managers, materials . . . Working with good partners can boost your bottom line. Leverage years of experience and knowledge!
Get connected to the people and companies that will help you get it done right.

Be a Master Landlord

-Manage turnovers efficiently
-Anticipate legal challenges
-Implement preemptive maintenance
-Ensure tenant compliance
-Handle full rehabs like a Pro

Prefer to be hands off? We have the right Property Manager for you.

Jump the Learning Curve

It can take years of trial and error to find the right contractors, vendors and key team members. Why not just jump straight over that stage into the arms of tried and true solutions?

I Can Help.

Tell us what you need and I’ll get back to you soon.
Sheryl Sitman

Build Real Wealth with Real Cash Flow

Enjoy the economies of scale we have created. We leverage the power of the Philadelphia Landlords Connect community to get the best prices from qualified GCs, roofers, pest control, electricians, plumbers, masons and more.

Better solutions for your landlording needs.

 Improve your property standards,  get peace of mind working with vetted vendors, and reduce expenses.

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Why should you work with us?

We are a husband and wife team doing for others what we set out to do for ourselves years ago. It started while we were full time employees and parents working in upper management positions in startups and technology companies and sought a way to diversify our investment portfolio. It evolved into a full time business as we transitioned to an empty nest and aimed to smartly grow our wealth, provide for early and well funded retirement and leave a legacy to our three children. We are a boutique firm and you will work directly with us. We excel at identifying solid opportunities that fit our investors’ needs. 

If you are seeking projects that cash flow and enhance your wealth at a steady and healthy pace, we can assist you to jump over the learning curve and get invested.

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