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Enter the Real Estate Investing  jungle with a guide.  Understanding the world of real estate investments will get you to your goals faster and safer.  Let us help you effectively navigate the path to reaching your Real Estate targets.

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Contractors & Vendors

Build a Solid Team Quickly
-Tenant Turnovers
-Property Management
-Eviction Help
-and more...

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Guidance from an experienced Investor!
-One-on-One Investing BootCamp
-Deal Analysis
-Strategy Sessions
-Real Estate Tours
-Ongoing Mentorship
-Hourly Consulting

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Sourcing Properties

Deals that cash flow in good locations. We identify solid opportunities in: -Philadelphia Metro
-Lehigh Valley, PA
-Upstate ,SC
-Syndications across the country
-and more


Wealth Building Hacks

 Learn from our experience – from our successes and mistakes –  and get a head start. Over the years, we steadily built a portfolio of assets that has become a source of growing income, a guard against inflation, a retirement plan and significant wealth that we can pass on to our children. The portfolio consists of a mix of assets in good locations that appreciate in value and deliver good ROI while also providing a flexible exit or pivot strategy.

Locations, Timing and Data Analyses

An abundance of opportunities are available for investors across the USA. We study multiple micro markets to find the right ones.  Some need renovation, some are new construction, some are a short term play and some are for the long game.  The trick is to get the right balance – properties in the right locations at the right price with the right potential. Anyone can buy a property. We buy intelligently. You can too!


Contractors and More

You are going to need a team of people and companies throughout your journey in each market that you enter. The challenge of finding good partners, trustworthy vendors and people who show up ready, can make or break a project. In the Philadelphia Metro area, we are able to match you to vetted contractors, vendors and sources and help get things done faster and better.

What's Next?

The best time to buy real estate is yesterday. Seriously. This theory gets proven over and over again. We are offering you the opportunity to follow in our footsteps. Take the plunge – but do it with confidence. We have achieved the financial freedom we set out to create for ourselves. Let us help you get there too.

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A trusted link to reliable contractors and team members for any project in the Philadelphia metro market*. Let us match you with a pro

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