About us

We have been helping new and small real estate investors since 2016. Combining years of experience in successfully building our own diverse portfolio and reaching true financial freedom, knowledge, intelligence and transparency, we provide a range of services and solutions to assist investors with their property investment needs.

Who we are

Around The Block Projects LLC is a growing company founded by Sheryl Sitman, a Philadelphia-born and former high-tech entrepreneur.

Our story

Around the Block was born out of our family investment activity. But when our friends heard about the yields and the growth, they also wanted a piece of the actions. We grow mostly by word of mouth as our business helped friends, friends of friends and other succeed like us.

What we do

Locating and facilitating real estate investment opportunities and solutions for landlords in the US, with an emphasis on Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, for local investors and investors from around the world.

More About Us

Sheryl Sitman

After a career in hi-tech with startup companies and global corporations, Sheryl’s jump into real estate evolved from a decision to diversify her portfolio and gradually turned into a full time occupation. Sheryl manages client acquisitions and rehab projects and develops partner relationships to improve and strengthen all aspects of investment activity.  She is a graduate of Haverford College and attended the University of Pennsylvania as well.

Dror Gliksman

Dror is a real estate investment strategist, a business and marketing consultant with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries.  Dror had a long career in technology and Internet marketing were he guided countless companies and organizations, from technology startups to multinational corporations developing strategy, integrating technologies and creating marketing operations.
He is a graduate of Temple University

"I was born, raised and educated in Philadelphia before moving to Israel to pursue my career and raise a family. After 20 years with international companies like Lucent and Avaya, I returned to the Philly area to focus on real estate and found a new city. It is amazing how each neighborhood is transitioning and the opportunities are out there.

sheryl sitman
Sheryl Sitman
Owner and entrepreneur

"I never would have guessed that I would become a full time real estate investor. But as an Internet and digital marketing professional from the days when others were still questioning if the Internet would take off, I know an opportunity when I see one. The real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and other areas presents a once in a lifetime chance to build wealth. So I dove in. I find growth opportunities by combining smart data analysis and footwork. This ultimately results in high returns for my customers."

דרור גליקסמן
Dror Gliksman
Strategy and marketing
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