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Real estate investing can feel like going into a jungle without a guide. There are many risks and dangers and the terrain is unfamiliar. When you know your way around, you can find solid opportunities.  We help you smartly navigate to good investments that serve your personal goals.

Sourcing Properties

Finding properties is easy. Knowing which of them will cash flow, appreciate and help you to build wealth requires experience. We help you skip the learning curve and mitigate the unknown by leveraging our resources and knowledge of the markets we work in every day. We locate the solid opportunities, guide you to successfully acquire the deal and get the property ready to rent or sell. Our projects can include large or small rehabs, flipping, or rentals.

Handling the details

Each real estate market is unique - from the type of construction, to city and state regulations to market expectations among buyers and renters. We know what works and what is required in the many micro-markets that make up Philadelphia and Eastern PA. From taking you step by step through the purchase to renovations, administration requirements and tenant placement, you will not be alone.

Setting up Expectations

You tell us your real estate investment budget and goals. We find solid opportunities. And we explain to you what to expect because every investment is unique.

The Houses

Building Wealth Smartly

We invest in properties that meet the one criteria you can not change: good location.  The properties require anything from minor repairs or upgrades to significant rehabs. 

An abundance of distressed properties are available to investors. We find the right ones.  Some need total renovation and some only cosmetic repairs.  The trick is to get the right balance – properties in the right locations at the right price with the right potential. Anyone can buy a  property. We help you invest intelligently.


The Rehab Process

Whether your property requires some attention to deferred maintenance, a new roof and paint or a massive rehab, our contractors know how to control costs and maximize returns.

The Result

The end result will be a home in which our property management partners can place a qualified tenant and have you on your way to cash flow. At any given time, over 90% of our finished homes are occupied and tenants stay long term.


Buy, make any needed repairs or full rehab and then rent to a qualified tenant. This is a proven method for accumulating wealth and building a solid Real Estate portfolio. With single family homes, there is the added benefit of an easy exit at any time.

Section 8

A subset of Buy&Hold, you can rent to tenants that receive government assistance, meaning your income is guaranteed by the government. We can target the properties and neighborhoods that suit the section 8 housing requirements. It is an excellent way to generate guaranteed income for your portfolio.


Not as easy as HGTV makes it look but a flip can be lucrative. There is an interesting range of flip opportunities in the region. Talk to us about what you are seeking and we can make it happen.

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