Philadelphia is changing. Construction is up, home rehabs are everywhere. Neighborhoods that not long ago included some of America’s most dangerous streets are now the home of trendy townhouses, hip eateries and breweries and attracting people by the droves back into the city. The city ranks as one of the top destinations for foodies.

With over 300,000 students enrolled in Philadelphia area colleges like Penn, Drexel, Temple, Villanova and many more, student housing is driving change throughout the city.

Now is the time to invest in Philadelphia! High return. Low risk. Opportunities abound . . .


philadelphia investment real estate

We understand what you need. With interest rates so low, an erratic stock market, so many unknowns, how can you save enough for retirement, for your kids, for emergencies?

You want a safe and profitable investment. You want your money to work for you.

You know that real estate presents many opportunities. But is it really for you? Is there money to be made? Where do you start? Who do you trust?

We have been building a solid, diverse portfolio of real estate since 2010. We know how to identify great deals. Opportunities abound and the risk, when done right, is minimal. With good due diligence, trustworthy partners and the right market conditions, anyone with money to invest can earn a healthy profit by investing in real estate.

Why Real Estate?

-High returns

-Low risk

-Easy to manage

-Portfolio diversity

-Tax benefits

-Easy to understand



Whether we are seeking an investment for our own portfolio or for a client, we are looking for a few basic characteristics:

  • Minimum risk
  • Paying less than street value. Potential appreciation
  • High ROI.

You just need to tell us about your budget. Then we begin a search and look until we find the right match for you.

We provide you with due diligence, analysis and background on each opportunity.  A team of experts will help you to make an informed decision and guide you through the entire process from the purchase to the rehab to placing a good tenant.

And you will enjoy maximum return on a solid investment!

Our Drive

Buying real estate, especially from afar is scary. But when you have the right team on the ground, it is a fantastic experience! Our team includes real estate professionals, real estate investment consultants and experienced contractors who all come together to deliver you a complete solution.

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About Sheryl

I grew up in Philadelphia and attended college here before heading over to Israel where I lived, worked and had a family . After over 20 years in Israel and a long career in hi-tech with global companies such as Lucent and Avaya, I returned to Philly to focus on real estate investing. To date, I have invested almost $1 million of my own money in residential real estate. And I find the same great opportunities for investors. My straightforward, transparent approach that helped make me a successful international sales manager is a refreshing approach to a market packed with aggressive marketing and sales.  I enjoy providing a service that truly helps people to become financially independent.

“Financial markets have changed. Every investment portfolio should include some real estate”
sheryl sitman
Sheryl Sitman

Get into Real Estate Now While the Getting is Good

The US real estate market won’t wait for you forever. There are  many opportunities and many investors are competing for good properties. Wait and the prices will only go higher. Wait longer and the window may be closed.

Not sure real estate is for you? Let us explain why it is.

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