Why invest in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is changing.   The signs of change taking place are visible on every corner of this historic city.  Neighborhoods which have long been considered among the most dangerous in America are becoming trendy areas—full of coffee shops, breweries, and exclusive restaurants tucked away throughout the city and drawing in young people with a vibrant, contemporary lifestyle.

Urban renewal

On any given day, about 300,000 students attend classes in the city’s colleges and universities, which are among the finest in America, including University of Pennsylvania , Villanova, Temple, Drexel, and more.  All these students are bringing new energy and life to the city as it wakes up again at last.

Real estate investment opportunities

The real estate market in Philadelphia won’t wait around for you forever.  The current window of opportunity offers especially attractive profits on investment, much higher than other investment channels.  But anyone who hesitates too long is probably going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity.

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Why should you work with us?

You know it’s possible to make money in real estate, but how?  Where should you begin?  Who can you trust?  Which markets should you focus on?

The inflated real estate market in other parts of the world, the low rates of interest, and the haywire financial markets – in a world of uncertainty, we, too, were looking for a solid investment stream that could secure our retirement income, give us the opportunity to help our children, and perhaps even let us travel and enjoy ourselves a little.  We understand exactly what you’re looking for.  Because we, too, were starting from the beginning, searching for secure, profitable investments that would put our money to work for us.

Since 2010, we’ve built up a solid and varied portfolio of real estate properties.  We’ve also become experts in locating low-risk, high-yield ownership opportunities as well as creating partnerships with trustworthy professionals in the field, relationships that offer us an advantage over others in the field.

Our goal—making real estate investment in Philadelphia accessible to investors regardless how savvy they are and where they are from.

"The financial markets have changed and they are less stable and predictable,  real estate assets is a smart and relatively safe way to balance your portfolio."

sheryl sitman
Sheryl Sitman
Entrepreneur and Owner

"Philly is my city. I know the neighborhoods and streets like the back of my hand. The city has endless opportunities for investors at every level. When you work with someone you can trust, you can build an amazing real estate portfolio here."

tim di
TIM DiCicco
Real Estate Expert

"When I looked for a solid investment channel with double-digit returns, I was told that there was no such thing, but it turns out that there are some good options out there, and the guys from Around the Block, helped me find them."

ערן תמיר
Eran Tamir

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