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Real Estate Investments in Philadelphia, Eastern PA and Beyond

The BRREW Method: Buy, Rehab, Rent, Exit Whenever

Buy solid investments and enjoy cash flow and appreciation. There is a lot of hype in real estate investing. It can be a challenge to distinguish a safe investment from a risky one. That’s where we come in, to help you zoom in on the boring stuff hiding behind all the bright lights and insane ROI promises and techniques so that you build wealth, not worry.

Ready to Dare to Do Something Boring?

We proudly prefer boring buy & hold deals that minimize risk. We source steady growth opportunities in solid neighborhoods that can bring good returns for years to come. “Boring” assets can bring double digit returns. Smart, targeted, residential real estate ownership has proven itself over and over to be a safe wealth builder and reliable income generator.

Is now the right time to invest in real estate?

Yes. There truly has never been a wrong time to invest in real estate because there is always a strategy that will suit the situation and market. The real estate market is entering a unique period now that is sure to bring even more opportunities for cash investors. The rental market will be strong for years to come and solid opportunities are out there for immediate cash flow and appreciation.

Where should you Invest?

Real estate markets are dynamic. Opportunities are a moving target. They change neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block. We continuously adjust our investment activities based on advanced data analysis, knowledge and “walking the streets” doing market reconnaissance.  We invest  and source opportunities in Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs, Bucks County and Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. 

How we select our investment properties

By weighing all aspects of the investment — property type, location, price, condition, expenses, cap rate and ROI analyses — we chose solid investments and facilitate the deal for you.

Build Real Wealth with Cash Flow, Block by Block

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Why should you work with us?

We are a husband and wife team doing for others what we set out to do for ourselves years ago. It started while we were full time employees and parents working in upper management positions in startups and technology companies and sought a way to diversify our investment portfolio. It evolved into a full time business as we transitioned to an empty nest and aimed to smartly grow our wealth, provide for early and well funded retirement and leave a legacy to our three children. We are a boutique firm and you will work directly with us. We excel at identifying solid opportunities that fit our investors’ needs. 

If you are seeking projects that cash flow and enhance your wealth at a steady and healthy pace, we can assist you to jump over the learning curve and get invested.

"Real estate assets can be a smart and safe way to balance your portfolio and generate income, especially when you choose smartly, and know how to react quickly to the dynamic economic environment we live in today."

sheryl sitman
Sheryl Sitman
Entrepreneur and Owner

"Philly is my city. I know the neighborhoods and streets like the back of my hand. The city has endless opportunities for investors at every level. A solid real estate portfolio is a great way to build wealth."

tim di
TIM DiCicco
Real Estate Expert

"I looked for solid investments with good returns and appreciation. I didn't have the know-how needed to fully understand any market well enough. Around the Block, helped me acquire several properties in Pennsylvania that generate healthy returns and appreciation."

ערן תמיר
Eran Tamir

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